Friday, 14 September 2018

Vector Wero Whitewater Park

This week some of our class mates and I went to the vector wero whitewater Park. We went after our morning tea. When we got there we waited for a couples of minute because there are getting the gear ready. But then one of the workers came to tell us to come an watch a video about te ika a maui and the safety rules for the vector wero whitewater park. Then we went outside to put on the gear after we got the gear on we went to talk about the rivers and we got to cross. My first time doing it a fell down but my second time doing it I didn't fell done then we did all together as a group. After that we got on the boat and then they turn on the water to go up the ramp but our team took a shortcut. Then we got a chance to jump in the the water. But their were stirs for us to go on and we had to swim to the stirs so we don't go in the lake. After that we went to take a hot shower.               

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