Friday, 8 December 2017


LI: to write a recount about making origami cranes.
This week for writing we did origami and it was a samurai helmet and I watch a video that teach me how to make a samurai helmet and we had to make a google slide and we had to do it by steps.

Kiwi Sport

This week at Kiwi Sport we played a warm up game, that game is stuck in the mud and then when we done Kevin teach us a new skill and the skill was back hand lift and then we had to get into pairs and pass it to each other and then when we done we played a another game and the game was one on one and then when we done we played a another game and the game is two on two battle.              

Raz Kids

This week I did raz kid and I read Maria's family cerebration and it about maria's celebration with her family.

Blog Comment

This week I did a blog comment on Matthew work and I told him to keep it up. 

That's my money

LI: To manage finances and profit.
This week we for math we play a game call that's my money and we had to do task to get money and there are lotto ticket and damage.For damage we had to paid 12 dollars and we are still doing it and for example we had to do daily fact to get money and here a image of a daily fact sheet and we had to do it to get more money. 

Kiwi Can

This week for kiwi can we did a game and that game was island tag and the teacher had to call a number and people had to go in the game and the when we done that we talk about the next game and the next game was destroy the tower.We had to make the tower and we can't take a step and then when we done we went back to class.     

Table Conga

This week I did table conga and I did 7 timetable on transum.