Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Summer learning Journey:Day 3 activity 1

Being In a big family will not be good because there might be a baby and cry a lot and I might no have nought sleep and they might be annoying to me and we might fight over stuff like watching TV and they might embarrass me and that's why I don't want to be in a big family.

Today for day 3 activity 1 we had to write, do you want to be in a big family why? or why not? and I chose why not because it's my decision if I want a big family.   


Summer learning Journey:Day 2 Bonus Round

Today for day 2 bonus round I had to write what is my favourite meal and my favourite meal is pizza because pizza is so nice and it is cheese.      

Summer learning Journey:Day 2 activity 2

Today for day 2 activity 2 I had to draw a picture of my dream job.My dream job is being a builder and it me hammer the wood with the nines.    

Summer learning Journey:Day 2 activity 1

The wharepuni is different to my house because the wharepuni is not tall and the wharepuni get visit a lot and and the roof is different because my one is a triangle and the wharepuni got pattern on the roof and it is for people to do they pray.                    

for the day 2 activity 1 we had to conspire our house to the wharepuni and we had to make a blog post about it and wharepuni is different to my house.     

Summer learning Journey:Day 1 Bonds Round

I don't want to do waka Ama because it going to be hard work like training and I might not be good at pushing the paddle and I might get tried doing it and look fun doing it but I thing is not right for me and if I do it then I might have to train a lot like most days.

Today for the bonds round I had to talk about if I want to be in a waka Ama race and I had to write why or why not about the waka Ama.       

Monday, 18 December 2017

Summer learning Journey:Day 1 activity 2

My trip to another country was nervous and the country that I found was New Zealand and new Zealand is very fun to go because there are other staff to look at and eating like kiwi fruit and other food like pipis.

Today for activity 2 we had to wire that we had to go to another country we had to imagine it and then we had to imagine that we are in a waka and founding a country and how we feel. 

Summer learning Journey: Day 1 activity 1

Fact 1: The bother always been mean to maui and they always make an excuse so maui can't come fishing with them and they said your to young to go fishing and you will take a lot of space.        

Fact 2: Maui want to go so bad and then he mad a plan the plan is to go in the cone and then he made his fishing line he went on the cone and hide himself and then when the bother came the said some the is odd and then they went off and when there far Maui pop up.   

Fact 3:One of the bother said this is our grandmother are we gifted to us maui said protect our fish and then maui return with the people.

Today I did the summer learning joinery activity 1 I had to look for three fact about maui and the giant fish I had to put three fact and put is on the blog post and that is for activity 1.

Friday, 8 December 2017


LI: to write a recount about making origami cranes.
This week for writing we did origami and it was a samurai helmet and I watch a video that teach me how to make a samurai helmet and we had to make a google slide and we had to do it by steps.

Kiwi Sport

This week at Kiwi Sport we played a warm up game, that game is stuck in the mud and then when we done Kevin teach us a new skill and the skill was back hand lift and then we had to get into pairs and pass it to each other and then when we done we played a another game and the game was one on one and then when we done we played a another game and the game is two on two battle.              

Raz Kids

This week I did raz kid and I read Maria's family cerebration and it about maria's celebration with her family.

Blog Comment

This week I did a blog comment on Matthew work and I told him to keep it up. 

That's my money

LI: To manage finances and profit.
This week we for math we play a game call that's my money and we had to do task to get money and there are lotto ticket and damage.For damage we had to paid 12 dollars and we are still doing it and for example we had to do daily fact to get money and here a image of a daily fact sheet and we had to do it to get more money. 

Kiwi Can

This week for kiwi can we did a game and that game was island tag and the teacher had to call a number and people had to go in the game and the when we done that we talk about the next game and the next game was destroy the tower.We had to make the tower and we can't take a step and then when we done we went back to class.     

Table Conga

This week I did table conga and I did 7 timetable on transum.

Three Role

LI To classify personal relationships.
This week for inquiry we did three role and then we had to chose the three role and we can't have the same role in the same community.We had to search for fact and then we had to write the fact in our own words.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Statistical News

This week my group (Giovanni,Fui,Viliami,Mojtaba and Aung Naing) made a whole group report about the daily news withing this week. We then joined all our work together to make one BIG news report. Our daily news name is called Statistical news. Each person had a subject to do, Fui / Inter National news, Aung Naing and Mojtaba / Sports report, Viliami / Business, Giovanni / Entertainment and last of I did National. After researching hard about all our subjects we then grouped it together on a google slide. The google slides contain the report on the black caps vs West indies , Hawi robert the man who is famous for stealing in most country's ,  Phone emergency alert, business around the world and The aquarium challenge. A big thanks to Giovanni,Aung Naing,Fui and Viliami for putting together our news report!

Friday, 1 December 2017

Decide my flip

LI: To design and conduct a statistical survey.
This week we did math for math we had to do a coin flip 100 times each and then your pairs had to do wheel decide and then when we done we had to put it in another sheet that our Teacher made and when we done we had to put in answer for the tails and heads coin flip.We had to put it back to our one and when we done that we had to put answer for the tails and the heads wheel decide in our sheet and then we had to make a insert chat and make it a pie.     

5 Sentences

LI:To use past tense to show something has happened.
LI:To improve recount writing.
LI:To improve oral language.
This week we did a game it was a bean bag game and we did this next to the junior playground we go in team and we got a google doc there have to be interesting words and boring words and when we done that we play the game the game was throwing the bean bag in to the hula hoop and if we get it into the red one then we get two point and if we get it in to the green one we get one point and if we get it in none then we will get no point and when we are done we had to class.Then on Thursday we did a five sentence and we got a piece of paper and on the piece of paper were preparing and it said the part are we are writing now it the ... and we had to said that to our group and then we had to say what do we have to talk about in the part and the part were who, where, when, what and then when we done talking and writing the five sentence and then we had to go back to class because it is launch time but me and my group was done and then on Friday we had to a slide show.