Friday, 12 May 2017

Measurement recording

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L.I To measure lengths using non-standard measurements.
I learn how to make a ruler and measurements 5 object in the classroom,we recorded it on a google sheet.
I learn it by doing my task for the maths, making a ruler and measurements 5 object in the classroom.  

What is Waste

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LI: To identify what is waste,kind of waste, and the sources of waste.
I learn what is waste, what kind of waste and the sources of waste.
We went on a website and read it and then we had to make a google drawing.We are not allowed to copy the word in the website then we had to attribution the photo.

A birthday Cake for Grandma

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LI to inference information using QAR strategy
LI To identify the main parts of the story
LI to predict using pictures, titles etc
We learn a book call A birthday Cake for Grandma.
We had to do a qar template and we had to questioning a two right there question, a two think and search question , a two author and me question and a two on my own question.       


L.I To learn about the amount of waste we produce.
I learn that recycle items can be used over and over but except for wet paper once it has been wet it is not allowed to be recycled, organic item is like fruit that be eating, and solid is like chip packet.     
Do the activity about waste we had to put recycle in the recycle group,solid in the two solid group, and we the organic group had to put organic group.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Baby Bear

LI: To brainstorm a narrative.
LI: To plan a narrative.
We learn about the baby bear and we had to do Orientation, Problem, Event,Solution and title.
We learn want is Orientation. Orientation is like what,where,when,why,who,how and the problem is like something bad happened and the event is like the mum bear think first and save baby bear and the solution is like there went back home and then the title tell us what about the story.      

Friday, 5 May 2017

QAR template

LI to inference information using QAR strategy
LI To identify the main parts of the story
LI to predict using pictures, titles etc
I learn it by read a book.Me and groups learn about right there,think and search, author and you, on my own.
I learn by doing QAR template and we had to do two right there word and two think and search word.Two author and you word and two on my own word.
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The Lorax

To identify the responsibility, causation and connection on a issue.
I learn about people cut trees down and people are not caring about the earth.
I learn be watch a videos sorry is tell us what happened to the land and i teacher read us a story about the lorax.
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Vocabulary Math word

To learn the vocabulary of geometry and measurement.

I learn about vocabulary and measurement   
I learn it by going on a website and learn new word and meaning after that me and my friends went off to do find draw animate act. Me and my friends did 26 word to do for maths.