Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey day 2 Activity 1

L.I To day a went on the winter learning journey day 2 activity 1 and i need to read three places that is interesting.
To day I went on a website to read three places then I had to chose one interesting place.I chose it because it is a beach and it is interesting.   

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Bonus Activity

L.I To day I did Bonus Activity to do
To day I did a Bonus Activity.The Star is stands for Matariki the seven star and the plus and the x is stands for the new Zealand's flags and the NZ is stands for new Zealand. 

Five Favourite Activities

L.I To day I went to do a activities for the Winter learning Journey.
To day I watch a video about place and I had to find five place on the video that it is interesting for me.         
1. Definitely go Rainbows End
2.Base Jump off the Sky Tower
3. Piha beach
4. Visit the Auckland War Memorial Museum
5.Going to the supermarket 

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Three interesting facts about New Zealand

L.I To days I learn Three interesting facts about New Zealand.
To day i learnt three interesting facts about new Zealand and I need go on a website to find three interesting facts about New Zealand and I need to write it in my own words and I can't not simply copy and paste the facts from the website.        

Friday, 7 July 2017

Re-Search the Author

L.I to interact and comprehend a range of narrative texts.
I learn about Roald dahl and how old is her and how many book that Roald dahl write.
I learn it by doing it in a group and doing research about him and what age is he and when did he died.

Tamaki Wrap

L.I This week we did an experiment about plastic.
What I learnt was that plastic is doing to the environment it is destroying nature and mankind.
I learn it by going into the hall and and Rotate into circle and doing different Activity.       

Weight Measure

Screenshot 2017-07-07 at 9.28.22 AM.png
L.I To Measure our weight using scales.
I learn what is our maths groups weight is.
I learn it by making a google sheet and send it to a math group and they have to sand on the scales and writ what is there weight is and when we finish we need to get 4 people in your group and then compare it to four things.    

Matariki Questioning

How many sisters are there? 7
What are their names?ururangi , tupua-rangi,waita, Waiti , matariki,tupua-nuku , wai-puna-a-rangi
Who do they visit?They visited tunawahi porapatuna where their grandma lives because there were miss their people and land.   
Why do they visit?I think there brother are weak and the 7 sister are make he brother starved to death.
What does your whaea do for you? My whaea make me food, clean up and do the washing.
Text to Text
What other
Maori Myths and Legends

do you know that explain something?
Maui and the sun Maui and his brother try to catch the sun with their hook so there don’t get hot and
so their can have enough time to sleep.

L.I. - To develop an understanding of the different elements of Matariki.
I learnt about Matariki and watch a video inculcated matariki the seven stars.
I learn it by watching a video about matariki and answer some Questioning about matariki and the prat the video.


Story organiser

[Insert or link your brainstorm in here.]

Start writing here! Enter your basic plot ideas on the left and write your story on the right.

The hunger tortoise

One day there where a boy name Jack and a girl name Jill there were 10 year old.They live in a forest with no one.There were poor and hunger so they steal from the village a lot.The people hate it and then the people said to Jack and Jill “to never come back again” shouted the village.It begin to be dark so jack and Jill went home to put the katana away that they stole.At night jack and Jill went for a walk in the forest it was foggy and a cool breeze.But suddenly they found a tortoise it looked really hungry the tortoise name was Jeff he came from the farm in glen innes.      

When there saw the tortoise there went to take a closer look.When Jack and Jill was closer the tortoise about to sand on  Jack and Jill.Jack said’’rrruuuunnn so there run as fast as a Cheetah.So the tortoise don’t sand on them.But when they run the tortoise Swallow Jill so Jack got mad and run back home to get the katana that her steal.  

When Jack got the katana he went back to the tortoise.When he got there he cut all of the tortoise leg and all of the tortoise leg was bleed and then Jack cut open Jeff Stomach and his Stomach was bleed.But Jack didn’t see Jill so jack look around but still didn’t see Jill.            

Few minutes later Jeff poo out Jill and Jack said’’ are you OK. Jack and Jill went home when they got home Jill went to take a bath the end.   
LI: To plan and write narratives quickly.
What I learnt was how to use topes in your narratives and when to use it.
how I learnt was by using a google docs and making a story organiser and I had to put all my information in in topes.

Friday, 30 June 2017

Matariki Animation

L.I. - To develop an understanding of the different elements of Matariki
I learnt about Matariki and how to do an animation about it.
I learn it by doing an animation and did a research about the winter solstice and how to make it into an animation.  

Venn diagram

Screenshot 2017-06-30 at 11.13.06 AM.png
LI to interact and comprehend a range of narrative texts
I learn what is Venn diagram and how to do it.
I learn it by doing an Venn diagram about the farmers in Fantastic and we had to do what is difference about bean and bunce and the both is for what is the same about bean and bunce.

Angle Maths

L.I To find a angle degree of a fractions
What I learnt was how to measure fractions with angel degree and showing what I have been doing.

How I learnt was by using a google slide and measuring fractions and showing pictures of how I measured.

Friday, 16 June 2017

Words That I don't know

LI to interact and comprehend a range of narrative texts.
I learned ten words that i don’t know and the five meaning.
I learned new words by doing my work and I was reading a book call Fantastic Mr.Fox and we had to pick five meaning and 10 Words That I don’t know.

Measure Liquid Volume

LI: to learn how to measure liquid volume.
I learnt that you derived by and times by 1000 in Litres and mL. when we find the mL we find the Litres in the mL.
I learn by finding images of soft drinks and everything that includes mL. We had to find out the mL and Litres of the image of a soft drink.

Compare and Contrast

My LI is to compare a piece of technology to a technological system.
In this we had to partner up with someone in our group. For this we had to make a list of all the things in the classroom that were pieces of technology or technological systems. After we’d thought of all of the things could’ve we chose one system and one piece of technology to compare to each other. We had to write the similarities and the differences.
We did this by looking around the classroom to find systems and pieces of technology. And by thinking of all of the differences and similarities between the two objects.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Pieces of technology and technological systems

My LI is to define pieces of technology & to define a technological system.
For this I had to pair up with someone in my group that was chosen, we then had to sort a document filled with pictures of technological systems and technological pieces. Once we’d sorted the pictures we then had to write a definition for the systems and pieces, we also had to find an example for the two of them and explain why they were that type of technology.
We did this by reading the explanations of a piece of technology and a technological system, we then used our knowledge of the differences between the two types to sort the pictures out.

Friday, 9 June 2017

Baby Bear


Mummy bear use her hand to pull baby bear out of the water onto smooth, relaxing, icy surface. When baby bear wake up baby bear thanked mummy bear for save him.Mummy bear dove in like a bird to grab some fish. Mummy bear got lots of fish and then they went home to celebrate Baby bear’s birthday.           

LI: To write a narrative solution.
LI: To use similes in our writing.

I learn what is a solution and i was learning about similes. I learn what is a similes and how to do it. I learn 2 kind of similes one like or two as.
I learn it by doing a narrative and we need one similes in our Solution.I learn it by doing it on the mat and work it out.

Friday, 2 June 2017

Measurement Area

L.I: To identify the area of a rectangle and to measure it.
S.C: I have measured the width and height then multiplied them together.
I learnt what is an area and how to do it by using my times table.
I learnt it by using a ruler and a paper to draw squares.In the squares there where little blocks. Inside of a square there are blocks to count the width and the height to multiply the numbers you have.         
1 Jun 2017 14:06:52.jpg

Friday, 12 May 2017

Measurement recording

Screenshot 2017-05-12 at 2.21.28 PM.png
L.I To measure lengths using non-standard measurements.
I learn how to make a ruler and measurements 5 object in the classroom,we recorded it on a google sheet.
I learn it by doing my task for the maths, making a ruler and measurements 5 object in the classroom.  

What is Waste

Screenshot 2017-05-12 at 11.47.54 AM.png
LI: To identify what is waste,kind of waste, and the sources of waste.
I learn what is waste, what kind of waste and the sources of waste.
We went on a website and read it and then we had to make a google drawing.We are not allowed to copy the word in the website then we had to attribution the photo.

A birthday Cake for Grandma

Screenshot 2017-05-11 at 12.24.13 PM.png
LI to inference information using QAR strategy
LI To identify the main parts of the story
LI to predict using pictures, titles etc
We learn a book call A birthday Cake for Grandma.
We had to do a qar template and we had to questioning a two right there question, a two think and search question , a two author and me question and a two on my own question.       


L.I To learn about the amount of waste we produce.
I learn that recycle items can be used over and over but except for wet paper once it has been wet it is not allowed to be recycled, organic item is like fruit that be eating, and solid is like chip packet.     
Do the activity about waste we had to put recycle in the recycle group,solid in the two solid group, and we the organic group had to put organic group.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Baby Bear

LI: To brainstorm a narrative.
LI: To plan a narrative.
We learn about the baby bear and we had to do Orientation, Problem, Event,Solution and title.
We learn want is Orientation. Orientation is like what,where,when,why,who,how and the problem is like something bad happened and the event is like the mum bear think first and save baby bear and the solution is like there went back home and then the title tell us what about the story.      

Friday, 5 May 2017

QAR template

LI to inference information using QAR strategy
LI To identify the main parts of the story
LI to predict using pictures, titles etc
I learn it by read a book.Me and groups learn about right there,think and search, author and you, on my own.
I learn by doing QAR template and we had to do two right there word and two think and search word.Two author and you word and two on my own word.
Screenshot 2017-05-05 at 11.51.13 AM.png

The Lorax

To identify the responsibility, causation and connection on a issue.
I learn about people cut trees down and people are not caring about the earth.
I learn be watch a videos sorry is tell us what happened to the land and i teacher read us a story about the lorax.
Screenshot 2017-05-05 at 11.21.38 AM.png

Vocabulary Math word

To learn the vocabulary of geometry and measurement.

I learn about vocabulary and measurement   
I learn it by going on a website and learn new word and meaning after that me and my friends went off to do find draw animate act. Me and my friends did 26 word to do for maths.

Monday, 10 April 2017

Ecosystem Game

L.I to make a te taiao o tamaki themed game board

We learn about water cycle, Ecosystem and we have to plan it then we had to make a board games .We had two group one group was learning about the ecosystem and the other group was learning about the water cycle then we rotated and when it ended we need to make a te taiao o tamaki themed on board game .I chose a partner and me and my partner we went off and we did our plan.When we are done with our plan we had to show to a teacher and our teacher give us the want we need and me and my partner made a board game and we did seaweed go up and the mushroom is going down.It was fun and amazing.Here is a example of how our board game look like.

7 Apr 2017 14:18:25.jpg

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Japan Sport

Learning Intention: To write a complete blog post using a fact about japan  
I learn that Soccer has become the second most popular sport in japan.
I searched up facts about Japanese soccer on google and read about it and wrote it down in my own words.

Here is an example of what it's like.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Number bond

This week for maths we mad a craft video based on number bonds.