Thursday, 9 November 2017


Stick Game
This week on Wednesday we played a game.Then went out slide on the field to play the game and we had to be in pairs to play a fighting game and Mr Wong tell us the rule and the rule was if you move then the other player wins and if they let go then they are out.

Mr Wong show as an examples to show what we are supposed to do
and he did a examples of Jonathan and Jonathan lost and then Sandra but Sandra lost and for Xavier Mr Wong was benign on has keen to show as who will win tall or short and then Mr Wong won.We went to try it out with are pairs. Me and my pairs try our best to don’t move it was very hard and then Mr Wong came to battle us and we lost to Mr Wong and then Mr ogilvie came out and watch us and then Mr ogilvie had a battle with Mr Wong and Mr Wong lost at it and then we had a try to battle Mr ogilvie and we lost and then Mr Wong tell us to use our week hand and me and my pairs was a tie and then Mr Wong call us to put the stick on the grass and we did it and then Mr Wong tell us to pack up.

When we pack we went inside to put our netbook away and pack up in class and then we sit down on the mat and I felt challenging playing the fighting game because I had to vs a challenging person and then we went home.           

L.I Is to look for simple sentences.
This week we did a recount of a stick game and we use tree to write our note in odder and when we finish our note we had to write a recount and then when we finish our recount we had to look for simple sentences and highlight it yellow.

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