Sunday, 9 July 2017

Bonus Activity

L.I To day I did Bonus Activity to do
To day I did a Bonus Activity.The Star is stands for Matariki the seven star and the plus and the x is stands for the new Zealand's flags and the NZ is stands for new Zealand. 


  1. Hi Aung Naing!

    What a wonderful design! Thanks for sharing your ideas behind your design. I love the colours you have used - they are bold and eye-catching!

    Well done - keep up the great work and I hope you will continue blogging with us!

    Nicky :)

  2. Hello Aung Naing,
    Every ones flags are very creative and different. I haven't seen any other flags that symbolizes Matariki and the 7 stars like yours. The maori New Years is something really special to New Zealand and it was a great idea to put it in your flag. Keep up the fantastic work!

  3. Hey Aung Naing
    I like the colors you decided to put on your flag. Also, I like how you wrote why you put something on your flag. Next time, maybe you could make your text a little bit bigger. Well done.

  4. Hello Aung Naing, I like the colours you have chosen to put onto your flag. Remember to double check your work before you post it onto your blog. Besides that you are doing well.

  5. Hi Aung Naing
    Nice flag! I like how you put seven stars on. How long did it take to think up the design and create the flag?
    Great work