Friday, 7 July 2017

Matariki Questioning

How many sisters are there? 7
What are their names?ururangi , tupua-rangi,waita, Waiti , matariki,tupua-nuku , wai-puna-a-rangi
Who do they visit?They visited tunawahi porapatuna where their grandma lives because there were miss their people and land.   
Why do they visit?I think there brother are weak and the 7 sister are make he brother starved to death.
What does your whaea do for you? My whaea make me food, clean up and do the washing.
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What other
Maori Myths and Legends

do you know that explain something?
Maui and the sun Maui and his brother try to catch the sun with their hook so there don’t get hot and
so their can have enough time to sleep.

L.I. - To develop an understanding of the different elements of Matariki.
I learnt about Matariki and watch a video inculcated matariki the seven stars.
I learn it by watching a video about matariki and answer some Questioning about matariki and the prat the video.

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