Friday, 7 July 2017


Story organiser

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The hunger tortoise

One day there where a boy name Jack and a girl name Jill there were 10 year old.They live in a forest with no one.There were poor and hunger so they steal from the village a lot.The people hate it and then the people said to Jack and Jill “to never come back again” shouted the village.It begin to be dark so jack and Jill went home to put the katana away that they stole.At night jack and Jill went for a walk in the forest it was foggy and a cool breeze.But suddenly they found a tortoise it looked really hungry the tortoise name was Jeff he came from the farm in glen innes.      

When there saw the tortoise there went to take a closer look.When Jack and Jill was closer the tortoise about to sand on  Jack and Jill.Jack said’’rrruuuunnn so there run as fast as a Cheetah.So the tortoise don’t sand on them.But when they run the tortoise Swallow Jill so Jack got mad and run back home to get the katana that her steal.  

When Jack got the katana he went back to the tortoise.When he got there he cut all of the tortoise leg and all of the tortoise leg was bleed and then Jack cut open Jeff Stomach and his Stomach was bleed.But Jack didn’t see Jill so jack look around but still didn’t see Jill.            

Few minutes later Jeff poo out Jill and Jack said’’ are you OK. Jack and Jill went home when they got home Jill went to take a bath the end.   
LI: To plan and write narratives quickly.
What I learnt was how to use topes in your narratives and when to use it.
how I learnt was by using a google docs and making a story organiser and I had to put all my information in in topes.

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