Friday, 1 December 2017

5 Sentences

LI:To use past tense to show something has happened.
LI:To improve recount writing.
LI:To improve oral language.
This week we did a game it was a bean bag game and we did this next to the junior playground we go in team and we got a google doc there have to be interesting words and boring words and when we done that we play the game the game was throwing the bean bag in to the hula hoop and if we get it into the red one then we get two point and if we get it in to the green one we get one point and if we get it in none then we will get no point and when we are done we had to class.Then on Thursday we did a five sentence and we got a piece of paper and on the piece of paper were preparing and it said the part are we are writing now it the ... and we had to said that to our group and then we had to say what do we have to talk about in the part and the part were who, where, when, what and then when we done talking and writing the five sentence and then we had to go back to class because it is launch time but me and my group was done and then on Friday we had to a slide show.

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