Thursday, 21 September 2017

Recount planner (TREE)

Recount planner (TREE)


  • I had to get in groups of 3
  • My groups members were Matthew and Xavier  
  • We started in the classrooms
  • We had to do a scavenger hunt
  • We had to look for clues
  • Tuesday September morning
  • We got a piece of paper with a clue
  • We had solved the clue
    • We had to tahi it mean number one.
    • We had to write wars for tahi.
    • It say to go to the office we went to the office.
    • We had to write is for the answer two and the clue is to go to LS2.
    • When we got there the answer was awesome.       
We went back to the class.
My teacher look at our work.
The answer were wars is awesome.
We were the first one to finish the scavenger hunt.

On Tuesday morning we did writing.For our writing we did a scavenger hunt and we had to work in group,”In my group was Matthew Xavier”Our first clue was tahi it mean one so we went to room one and it gave us a different clue and we had to write wars for our first answer on scavenger hunt paper and the clue was we are going to be late and then we went to the office and the answer was is.we had to write is on the scavenger hunt paper and then there was another clue.The clue was in diagonal and it said LS2 so we went to LS2 and the LS2 clue was awesome we write it on the scavenger hunt paper and then we went back to the teacher to check our scavenger hunt and we did it.We were the first group to finish the scavenger hunt then we had a rest.

LI: To write a recount of an activity.
I learn what is a recount.
I learnt it by doing a activity the activity is scavenger hunt.we had to get in group and when we done that we had to do this table.I had to write an Reveal (orientation),Events and the ending.   

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