Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Speech Marks

    1. “What time is it?,” asked Aung Naing.    ​
    2. “I want chicken for ​dinner.​” ,said Hosea.
    3. “Can I be on your team?” ,asked Jonathan. ​
    4. “I would like an ice cream please” ,said Liane.
    5. ​Mojtaba said to his friend,” I know all of the colours of the rainbow. are red orange yellow green blue indigo and violet.”  
    6. “Would you like to read a book?,” asked Mrs Sloan.
    7. "Where is my chromebook?" asked Pua.
    8. "It is time to go to assembly.",said Mr Wong. ​
    9. "What is 15 + 12?" ,asked Mr Ogilvie.

LI: To use speech marks to show when someone is speaking.
I learnt what is a speech marks and how to use it.
I learnt it bay watch in a video about how to use a speech mark and here is the video when we finish watching video we had to making a google doc and copy this work then I had to put it on the google doc when we done that I had put in speech mark.         

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